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Fencing Concepts For Your Yard

If you need your privacy or need to protect your children on pets or just to keep and beautify your yard, you should think about a fence that adds curb appeal to your home, no matter what your fencing needs are, there is a fence style to match.

Consider the following four fencing ideas to help you choose the best option:

Wooden Fences

If you’re looking for a great, all-purpose fencing material that comes in a variety of styles, wood fences are the perfect choice. Picket fence to split rail to privacy fence all serve a variety of different needs while utilizing the same versatile material. Once installed, you can paint, stain or finish the fence any way you desire. These fences serve a variety of purposes from boundary markers and pet fences to privacy barriers. Wood fencing can also be a budget-friendly option.

Wood fencing can also have a few drawbacks. While they can often be less costly to install, the maintenance costs will add up over time. You may find that over the life of the fence, wood costs more to maintain than other maintenance-free options that don’t require as much care. These fences should be cleaned or power washed each year, and if you paint or stain the fence, you’ll need to refinish it every three to five years. Wood is also prone to splintering, cracking and rotting over time.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences may not seem like the most aesthetically unappealing option, but it’s surprisingly easy to make these fences look great. If you’re concerned about looks, use this fence as a trellis. Morning glories, clematis, ivy and other vining plants will climb and grow on this fence without taking away from its practicality and functionality. 

These fences are one of the most durable choices. Unless you decide to paint it, there are few, if any, maintenance worries. 

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is great as a privacy fence, a decorative fence or both. Not only is a vinyl fence versatile, it’s also a maintenance-free option. It never needs to be repainted, and cleaning is as easy as wiping the fence with a sponge. Unlike wood, this material won’t warp, crack or rot.

The higher initial cost of installation is a disadvantage to some, but in actuality, this fencing material is likely to cost less over the life of the fence than wood fences because there are virtually no maintenance costs. You should only need to repair or replace portions of the fence if something damages it. Common sources of damage include stones thrown from the lawnmower, falling tree branches and extreme high winds.

Ornamental Fences

As the name implies, ornamental fencing is a decorative means to contain pets or children, surround a swimming pool, or use as a general boundary marker. Ornamental fences are normally made from aluminum, steel or wrought iron, and they come in many heights and styles, which can include custom-designed fencing when made of wrought iron. The most popular color for ornamental fencing is black, but there are other color choices available such as bronze, pewter and white. When made of aluminum, ornamental fencing is also maintenance-free.

Maintaining an ornamental fence is easy. You may need to repaint the fence when you notice that the existing paint is chipped or worn. If you notice rust or corrosion, scrub it away and apply primer and paint to seal the bare metal.

Make Your Decision

With these fencing styles, it’s easy to choose a fence that balances looks with practicality. Remember to choose a fencing material that fits within your installation budget, but keep in mind that some options that cost less at the time of purchase, such as wood, may require more upkeep over the life of the fence. No matter which material you choose, a fenced yard can only add beauty and value to your property.


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