Lawn Aeration

We enlighten our clients to make Lawn aeration as one of their top priority maintenance schedules. Late spring to early summer are exceptional periods to aerate the soil, this would be around the time soil on your lawn is making a return to its healthy form from the winter months.

As the ever-growing season head from the late summer towards the early fall, there is a need for lawn aeration as it comes with the added benefit to the overall health of your turf from the freezing months.

Compacted Soil(Know Your Soil)

If you have noticed that when watering your lawn you realize that the soil has been experiencing excessive run-off(water not seeping into the soil but remain on surface), it’s most likely that you have a soil that is compacted, and this consequently prevents very important nutrients from reaching roots of your plants.


Call on us and we will perform Lawn Aerating your turf. We do this by either using a walk-behind or ride-on type of machine. These are the most commonly used types for most lawn care companies. Gbowl utilizes the best Lawn Aerator suitable for your turf. Whatever machine is used on your turf, our goal is to produce a non-compact soil and providing an absolutely perfect lawn.

However, if a proper speed is achieved, good lawn aeration can be accomplished.