Bushes Trimming

Bush Trimming extends the lifespan and improves the appearance of your bush or shrubs. It is done to essentially provide good plant health and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Trimming is general carried out in spring or early summer. Your shrubs are valuable and ensuring proper care is quite important, including regular maintenance trimming. Some species also require pruning during specific times of the year. Shrubs should be pruned lightly to make them grow fuller and bushier. There are several benefits to bush trimming such it reduces susceptibility to disease, it reduces the risk of property damage caused by heavy wind / windstorms, it allows more sunlight to get through to your plants, encouraging growth, it keeps some specific variety of trees healthy and structurally sound, it improves the appearance of your property.


Service Features

In the absence of proper trimming, your trees and shrubs will not enjoy a healthy lifespan. Contact our team of experts about the bush trimming services that we provide for your lawn care needs and learn more about our services. At Gbowl, leaving you with a gorgeous landscaping and lawn care are what we provide you with. You can rely on our service crews for optimum treatments, including pruning. We are here to keep your property looking its best throughout all the seasons. Our experts will be proving you with following services:

  • provide site planning with professional views or customized to your taste,
  • provide you with inspirations from our designs and ideas through images or drawings,
  • provide you with a variety of materials for you to select from,
  • professionals services with the installation of the hardscape,
  • provide maintanance for your hardscape to prevent i.e weed growth, stains, insect burrowing e.t.c,
  • provide you with professional counsel from the start to finish of the project,
  • provide you with professional wiring and customized or expert placement of your hardsacpe lighting.


Once your hardscape has been installed, consider using a sealer for additional color enhancement and stain protection. When selecting a sealer, keep in mind that a high gloss finish will bring out the paver color while a matte finish primarily serves to protect your pavers and reduce maintenance. While our Unilock paver products have long lasting, maintenance-free surfaces that don’t require sealing, many homeowners choose to add a sealer for additional protection.

Sweep your hardscape surfaces often to keep them free of leaves and debris. You may have to sweep more frequently during the autumn months when leaves and other yard waste can decompose on the surface, resulting in mold or stains. Use your garden hose to wash off any remaining debris that may be stuck on the pavers or stones.

Look for areas where the joints between your pavers or stones may be increasing in size. This situation is often referred to as “creep.” Creep is generally caused by failure of the edge restraint, environmental stress during the winter months, and heavy traffic that may cause stones or pavers to push out. If this situation is not addressed, it can lead to additional deformities in your hardscape