Dethatching is the process of removing the dead layer of grass and roots. Over a certain period of time, some pieces of grass die and gather above the soil. This is a process called thatch, this in little bits can be beneficial as these pieces of grass’s organic material are broken down by microbes in the soil. In a situation when the thatch builds up too much that it’s beyond the microbes ability to break down, it would consequently lead to a barrier-forming and keeping moisture and air out of the soil and grasses that need it. This service goes hand in hand with lawn aerating.

Service Features

Gbowl dethatching service would help to improve the overall health and quality of your lawn. Grasses require spaces to grow, and your natural thatch layer might be preventing your lawn from flourishing. Our lawn care team would  power rake(machine/tool) and dethatch your lawn to remove the dead grass that is taking up space on your turf. Our team will

  • Create more space that grasses require to grow.
  • Rake up and bag the debris from and haul it off the lawn.
  • Remove all thriving pest habitat
  • Aerate the solid, and nutrients to it.
  • Leave you a healthy & properly maintained turf.


Dehatching your lawn at least once a season will all an excellent amount of air to flow into the soil and to the root system your lawn.

After dethatching is done on your lawn, the surfaces or spaces exposed on your lawn will allow increased and better absorption of water, nutrients and fertilizers into the soil.

Thatching causes your lawn to have puddles, from excess water. After a dethatching service has occurred on your lawn, there will be improved drainage on the lawn, and you will notice that the puddles of water water that you might have been noticing will cease to exist.