Land Clearing & Leveling

Land clearing is the removal of any existing material from a site, in preparing it for development.Land clearing can include the removal of trees and other vegetation, and grubbing, which is the excavation of stumps and roots.

If you are looking for an extension of an existing space, looking to build, or have some safety or aesthetic issues with your your residential property or commercial and you require the land cleared and leveled, contact us at Gbowl, we provides commercial, industrial, civil and residential land clearing services and dirt removal.Clearing your land is one of the first steps to building your commercial or residential building, or if you just need to clear off debris, erosion control or excessive dirt from your land.

Service Features

At Gbowl we offer demolition services for any existing structures. With highly trained and experienced excavating equipment operators can clear land efficiently and affordably within a timely manner. We can handle long-term projects and more intensive jobs such as large-scale property developments, commercial building construction, and land clearing for government agencies or businesses. Our staffs will be provide you with the following necessary services:

  • prepare your land for excavation if you plan to build a structure that has a foundation or basement,
  • put control measures in place for erosion control after land is excavated,
  • land clearing,
  • tree clearing,
  • Stump Removal & Grinding,
  • Storm and Disaster Clean-Up
  • Removal of Invasive plant species
  • land leveling, and
  • back-filling open spaces.


Any removal of vegetation is best done in the summer months when there is less rain. The drier soil is less likely to create erosion to surrounding ground surface. Land clearing on your property, including tree removal, can cause erosion and transport sediments off your property if disturbed soil is left exposed to rain. Sediment-laden runoff contributes to clogging of driveway culverts, ditches, and storm pipes.


To prevent erosion you might want to:

  • Maintaining trees and existing vegetation
  • Prevent erosion of exposed soil by covering with plastic, hay, mulch, or seeding.
  • Clean up any dirt that is deposited on roadways by construction equipment and clean out dirt or debris that has accumulated in ditches or culverts
  • Create a living filter to reduce soil erosion and limit sediment leaving the site by leaving an undisturbed area or strip of existing vegetation between the land clearing activity and the property

During construction its important to protect the tree to preserve their health and ensure their vitality post-construction, trees are important native species of or to the ecosystem, they are totally different from shrubs or bushes because of the stabilization their roots provide. To implement the protection of native tree species would involve the removal and discontinuation of invasive exotic species such as autumn olive, buckthorn, multiflora rose, and others.