Weekly Mowing

Mowing is the process of cutting the grass on a lawn with a lawn mower, done to help combat pests, keeps weeds at bay and, keep the grass looking healthy. Regular, consistent lawn mowing in the warmer months will keep your grass healthier and looking great. Cutting grass to the correct height week in and week out allows all areas of the lawn equal opportunity to soak up all the sun and water it can. This keeps your little bed of green heaven growing evenly. Regular mowing also helps combat pests, keeps weeds at bay and, if you use a mulching mower, can even leave behind small bits of mulched grass, which acts as a natural fertilizer.

Service Features

You deserve a break! Let us maintain your lawn so you can get back to work or spending quality time with your family. The services we would provide you with are listed:

  • Weekly mowing during growing season,
  • sidewalks & curbs will be attended and cut,
  • all debris on hard surfaces will be blown off,
  • during mowing, the staffs will also attend to any trash and they will be picked off the turf and natural areas,
  • weeding natural area & shrub beds,
  • leaf removal.


Mow the perimeter edges along driveways, sidewalks, landscaping etc. in a clockwise direction. This tends to throw the excess clippings away from the edges and into the center of the lawn. The perimeter cut outlines the edges and provides room to turn when you are performing the straight cuts.

Striping your lawn can have a very aesthetically pleasing appearance. Create striping simply by mowing the lawn in a back and forth direction leaving it with a “dark” and “light” coloured look. This is created when the blades of the grass are bent over away from the vantage point in one direction and bent towards the vantage point in the opposite direction. The reflection of light against the grass creates the striping effect.

Lawns must be mowed at a medium to low speed to ensure control. Go especially slow along edges and around landscaping